gotcha_logoHarry Reid is the latest hapless officeholder to fall into the trapdoor of Gotchaville as Republicans turn suddenly anti-racist and demand he resign because of his remarks about Barack Obama’s light skin and speaking style.

Will this adolescent game of Gotcha ever end? Are America’s political elite so juvenile they can’t think of anything more productive to do than hop in a circle of ridicule around their victims, pointing fingers, sticking out tongues and shreiking, “Na na, na na na?” It probably won’t end, because it’s a game that requires zero intelligence, zero moral insight, no courage and little chance of bad consequences.

This reminds again of the old Smothers Brothers joke.

Tommy:  It’s just that you can tell who’s running the country by how much clothes people wear.

Dick:  Running the country?

Tommy:  You can tell it by how much clothes people wear…

Dick:  You mean like some people can afford more clothes on and other people less clothes on?

Tommy: That’s right. Exactly. See, the ordinary people are the less-ons. See?

Dick:  Uh-huh. They’re the less-ons. Then who’s runing the country?

Tommy:  The morons.

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