Only Neurotics Don’t Like the Three Stooges

laughing monksScience has proven something we’ve known for many, many years:  healthy minded folks are better at humor, they laugh more readily at jokes. Neurotics, on the other hand, mostly run for political office.

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences isn’t known for its humor. It won’t be confused with National Lampoon. But a study published in PNAS (who says scientists don’t have a sense of humor!) a while back concluded that neurotic people don’t get the internal rewards from humor that others do.

Also, it takes smarts to get jokes:

More than anything, the recent research confirms the fact that humour, an oft-neglected trait when considering our cognitive skills, requires a tremendous amount of brain power.

Now, it’s a well known fact that men laugh at dumb jokes much quicker than do women. How do we explain this? Well, men, I’m afraid all these studies show that women think more deeply about humor than men do, faster, too, probably. Which means when they get to the bottom of a joke’s “logic” and discover naught but an empty gopher hole, well, I leave the consequences to readers.