Beyond 2008: Hard Work

Pundits almost never get post-presidential election analyses right. Remember 2004’s “value voters” who, it was believed, emerged from the church sanctuaries to re-elect George W. Bush? Stupid exit poll methodology contributed to that blunder. Usually, it’s the need to connect election outcomes to their pre-election narratives, biases, and expectations that lead political commentators to build awkward and feeble rope bridges across the deep holes in their logic. Continue reading “Beyond 2008: Hard Work”

We’re All Socialists! The McCain/Palin Campaign for Big Insurance

Not too many years ago in Texas, a right wing operative told the mainstream press I was a communist. Even in Texas the accusation (based solely on my mocking of ’60s John Birchers in an old news story) was laughed at. Nobody’d seen a communist for a really long time. Around Texas there were more alien abduction reports than sightings of communists or socialists. Continue reading “We’re All Socialists! The McCain/Palin Campaign for Big Insurance”

Imprison Voter Suppression Conspirators

As television network and cable reporting on the collapsing economy diminished last week, John McCain gained an inch or two on Barack Obama. Three cable news shows I watched on MSNBC on Friday – Hardball, Countdown, and Rachel Maddow – devoted substantial coverage to the dirty tricks and voter suppression efforts of McCain’s campaign. The reporting is critically important. But, in the end, it probably helped McCain simply by dropping the economy as THE STORY. Continue reading “Imprison Voter Suppression Conspirators”

Why the Media Can’t See the Trees for the ACORNs

John McCain and other Republicans making criminal allegations against the community-organizing group ACORN know exactly what they’re doing. They’re using alarmist allegations of “voter fraud” to fire up their conservative base and suppress the votes of some citizens who may, out of fear, stay away from the polls. Continue reading “Why the Media Can’t See the Trees for the ACORNs”

Republican Operative: “I don’t want everyone to vote.”

Judging from big media’s slobbering acceptance of right wing attacks on ACORN’s voter registration efforts, it remains a far greater sin in America to be suspected of voter registration misdeeds than to forcibly and publicly, through deception and armed muscle, keep a registered citizen from voting.

Why is this? Continue reading “Republican Operative: “I don’t want everyone to vote.””

The Great White Hope

Here’s how the protagonist was described:

He developed a more patient approach than was customary…playing defensively, waiting for a mistake, and then capitalizing on it…[He] always began…cautiously…[and] gave the impression of having much more to offer and, if pushed, he could punch quite powerfully. [His] style was very effective, but it was criticized in the…press as being cowardly and devious.

Continue reading “The Great White Hope”