A Republic Made of Words

monroe-sandburgTexas could confound the writer plumb out of a guy, but then I guess even a bona fide author like Faulkner could have said that about Mississippi, and he had to spell  “Yoknapatawpha” all the time.

The trouble is, Texas is and it isn’t what most of us claim for it. We live with a “real” Texas that’s as fictional as Faulkner’s made-up Mississippi county. That’s how a suburban dad (or essayist) can crank up an Ennio Morriconi spaghetti western CD and transform a drive to his daughter’s soccer game into the dusty drama of Once Upon a Time in the West.

Larry McMurtry found a good solution. He wrote the gritty, contemporary Last Picture Show and its four sequels. And, he wrote the western epic, Lonesome Dove, and its two prequels and a sequel. All were true in the way great fiction is always true.

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