The Reality Check Checkup

225px-Hippocrates_rubensOur bodies act as vehicles, and as with most vehicles, there are maintenance schedules that, if followed, can ensure them to remain in the best possible shape for as long as possible. I like to tell my patients that we do not wait for planes to crash before tuning them up –– we check everything before even starting the engines to maximize the probability for the best outcome. No one quibbles about the cost of aircraft maintenance.

This approach can be applied to the human body as well. I’m a believer in verifying health rather than merely assuming it. and the only way to verify health is by performing regular, thorough health “maintenance.” For our bodies, the tune-up is a physical every 12 to 18 months. Over the years, I’ve developed the Reality Check Checkup, a comprehensive physical that I conduct for every patient. After more than 25 years of seeing patients, I have found that this nontraditional approach keeps my patients healthy and out of my office or the hospital.

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