Haiku Friday: I Square Donald Judd


(L-R) Mary Lowry, Ray Souder at The Chinati Foundation in Marfa. Photo by Ray Souder.

glorious boxes

shine in the shadow and sunlight

breeze bends the brown grass

Now it’s your turn, beloved DogCanyon readers. Write us a Friday Haiku about art and life. You remember the rules:

Three lines.

First line five syllables.

Second line seven syllables.

Third line five syllables.

Haiku Friday: My America

It’s Haiku Friday, a day when any DogCanyon reader can be a poet. Because here at DogCanyon, we love populism and art.

With haiku there are just a few simple rules to remember.

Every haiku has three lines. The first line has five syllables. The second line has seven syllables. The third line has five syllables, and often contains a little something unexpected.

It’s Friday so take five minutes to write a little haiku and post it here in the comments section.

photo by Mary Lowry

sunlight sand big waves
afternoon on Venice Beach
golden man dancing
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Haiku Friday

We had a such a great response on our first Haiku Friday we’re giving it another go.

We’re asking readers to go to the jump and write their own haiku.

The rules of haiku are simple. Three lines. First line has five syllables. Second line has seven syllables. Third line has five syllables.

Often nature makes an appearance in haiku. And the last line sometimes has an unexpected twist.

city of angels
barbed wire smog traffic douche bags
roses like melons

Now it’s your turn readers!

DogCanyon Haiku: Audience Participation Required

The haiku just might be my favorite art form. Fast and fun.

Each haiku consists of three lines: the first line has five syllables, the second has seven syllables, the last has five syllables. Nature often makes an appearance in haiku, and the last line usually holds something of the unexpected, a little twist. I like haiku because it’s a populist art form. Nothing fancy needed. Not much time required.

We ask our DogCanyon readers to write a haiku in the “comments” section down below. We want to see your handiwork.

night ride
biking through night streets
city rising around me
gin hums in my veins
barton springs
cold blue-green water
old man in a t-back thong
he smiles right at me

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