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Hackeado por AlfabetoVirtual

Eu sou daqueles que antes bem só do que mal acompanhado,
se não faz tua cara, não atrase meu lado,
pense bem no que ta dizendo pra nao bater com a lingua nos dentes pra x9 e caguete maluco descarrega o pente
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About Author: Steve Birmingham

Steve showed up at DogCanyon HQ, unannounced, with byline tearsheets and a stack of LPs by a band called “Cows” spilling out from under his arms, and just let himself in. After proceeding to mock the office music library, he got down to tossing out all our old pens that didn’t really work and refilled the printer with paper like a l’il superchamp. He’s been showing up ever since. We suspect he’s homeless. This Minneapolis native has been based in Austin, Texas, for most of the last decade and holds a B.A. from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. He has long written about stand-up comedy, rock-n-roll, and film for underground publications too dank and mildewy to name but also for the Austin Chronicle, the Minneapolis entertainment weeklies Vita.mn and Pulse of the Twin Cities, Chunklet magazine and he contributed to their tomes Chunklet Presents: The Overrated Book, The Rock Bible: Unholy Scripture for Fans & Bands, and the forthcoming The Big Book of Indie Cred. Steve was also the founding music editor of the Squealer magazine, which even the filthy Boomer rag Rolling Stone noted as “influential.” Steve is an atheist (but not evangelical) and yet he loves gospel music and was saved by punk rock-n-roll. He is nonetheless a totally tolerant cat (except to gluten, he’s learned, but he envisions a far more fiery demise than being taken down by a small cadre of Teddy Grahams). Ooh, bad boy alert! We kid.

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