About Author: Judge Pete Lowry

Judge Pete Lowry is a graduate of the University of Texas and the University of Texas School of Law where he was an associate editor of the Texas Law review.  For 21 years he was judge of the 261st District Court and always ran unopposed.   Prior to becoming a judge he was a briefing attorney for the Supreme Court of Texas and a partner in the Austin law firm McGinnis, Lochridge and Kilgore.  After retirement from the bench, he was a partner in Meyers and Lowry, a dispute resolution firm.  He lives in Austin and also spends time at his small hill country ranch where he raises a few cattle and goats, usually at a monetary loss.  He is the author of an unpublished novel.  Because it has been unpublished for twenty-five years, it will likely remain so.  He is married and the father of three talented and beautiful daughters, including Dog Canyon contributor Mary Lowry.

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