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Eu sou daqueles que antes bem só do que mal acompanhado,
se não faz tua cara, não atrase meu lado,
pense bem no que ta dizendo pra nao bater com a lingua nos dentes pra x9 e caguete maluco descarrega o pente
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Hayden Childs is the author of Shoot Out The Lights, a book about Richard and Linda Thompson's album of the same name, which is part of the 33 1/3 series. His writing has appeared in the Oxford American magazine and the Austin American-Statesman, and online at The Screengrab, which was Nerve.com's movie blog, and on The High Hat, which, coincidentally, he owns and co-edits. He lives in Austin, TX, where his hobbies include procreating, sweltering in the heat, and dreaming up elaborate fantasies of revenge against those what done him wrong.

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