Domestic Violence = Pre-Existing Condition!

If you really need healthcare quick, get lost in a forest. Some nice man in a helicopter will pick you right up!

Lion is Ready for Duty!
Lion is Ready for Duty!

When you get sick, particularly if you don’t have insurance, don’t go to the emergency room. If the wait doesn’t kill you, the bill will!  It’s better to get lost on the side of a mountain or wander into a forest alone.  You see, every time a hiker doesn’t report back to base camp, the rescue helicopters muster and teams of St. Bernards deliver cocktails throughout the wilderness. Unfortunately, legions of emergency personnel simply do not race to the side of families lost in mountains of medical bills exchanging grocery budgets and house payments for prescribed treatments and medications.

My brilliant advice won’t begin protect women who are the victims of domestic violence from the largest insurance companies in the nation. As the SEIU reported last week, 8 states and the District of Columbia allow insurance companies to deny or withhold coverage to domestic abuse survivors, categorizing their injuries and trauma as a “pre-existing condition”.

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The Truth About Immigration

The more Republicans talked about the border fence and the imaginary tidal wave of brown people sent here to infect us all with disease and take our jobs, the more I started thinking about the sheer arrogance of their position. What would I do if my family was hungry and there was no food to be found in my city? Where would I send my kids if there were no opportunity to be found? What would I do to survive? That’s where this poem came from.

People Move

Life Magazine Photo of Migrant
Life Magazine Photo of Migrant

No law, no government, no ocean, has ever stopped the
movement of people. Not even almost certain death or

We move.

We go where there is food and shelter. We go where
there is slavery, genocide, lawlessness.

We go to the newest trash heap on the outskirts of Quito, Peru
The gypsy camps of Romania
The slums of Bombay

We go to university in London
Nursing homes in San Diego
Hotel laundries in Berlin

All for the same reason- The survival of our people.

We have traveled over continents, trampled civilizations
Simply to draw a circle around a cabin and say,
-This is where we live.

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