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Cyndi Hughes grew up with her nose in books, so no one in her family is surprised that she has ended up as the executive director of the Writers’ League of Texas, after serving as the founding director of the Texas Book Festival and an editor at Texas Monthly and the Austin American-Statesman. She has Big Red blood in her veins (born in Lincoln, Neb.) and graduated from the University of Kansas, so she has no qualms about cheering on Nebraska during football season, the Jayhawks in basketball, and the Longhorns in baseball.When she's not reading or watching sports, she keeps an eye on politics, plays guitar with the We Don't Suck Too Bads, takes full advantage of Austin's music and food scene, dreams of France and Italy, and adores her Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Patsy Clementine, and Edina the cat. Interesting factoid: She once had an encounter with a rabid bat and had to have rabies shots. But the good news is she's not foaming at the mouth anymore. She writes for the Writers' League's "A Brief Word" blog, Dr. Greg Jackson's "Reality Check" blog, and her own blog, "50 Fabulous Firsts."

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