How Stripping Supermodels Promote Climate Action

This video was released as part of Bill McKibben’s global awareness-building exercise last week for, an organization promoting the idea that carbon emission levels above 350 parts per million are dangerous:

I’d like to treat this as a case study in visual metaphors and conceptual frames to show how insights into human cognition are vital for effective climate action.

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Lessons We Could Learn From “The Matrix” About Politics

This is my first post on Dog Canyon and I’m excited to be here.  I’d like to introduce myself by sharing one of my passions – movies that combine political philosophy and technology to critique our deepest ideas about society.  One of the greatest movie series of my generation to do this was The Matrix Trilogy.

Powerful metaphors abound in this visually astounding and ground-breaking work.  The world is an illusion.  An uninspected life is a prison.  People are batteries for machines.  Computer hackers are world-changers.  And of special note to political activists… cultural narratives are systems of control.

It’s easy to get caught up in the cool multi-angle camera shots, intense martial arts scenes (which become a bit excessive in later parts of the series), and quotable characters.  The philosophically astute viewer gets all this along with speculations about politics, social control, and human nature in this cult classic. Continue reading “Lessons We Could Learn From “The Matrix” About Politics”