Shake the Dust

Anis Mojgani performs Shake the Dust at HEAVY AND LIGHT

Sometimes beauty hides in the magic of a URL. The nearly indecipherable strings of letters and numbers that only make sense when fed into a machine. But the code and the sound and the light the machine spits back is pure beauty. Pure magic. Pure love.

And sometimes this gift is delivered with the simple chime of the arrival of a new text message. Cutting through haze and blur of just another day. Landing like a burning ember, glowing red hot, right in the crotch of our day causing us to jump and slap wildly, dancing, flailing.  Trying in vain to maintain the shroud of an ordinary day.

The spark sets us alight. And for a few minutes, as the flames consume us, feeding off the tinder we pull over ourselves to keep out the cold, we can see in the light a different world. A place flickering with hope. Shining with love. Radiant with life.

Shake the Dust came to me today. Sent unheralded, unannounced. A flaming cannonball shot over my wall. And my kingdom is ablaze.

May the fire spread to your heart. The amazing and incomparable Anis Mojgani.

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About Dave Grossman

Dave Grossman is an ardent environmentalist, serial entrepreneur, a dedicated activist and a stay-at-home dad. Dave gets his electricity from the wind, his hope from his friends, his inspiration from the rivers of the West and his fire from the corrupt actions of the corpratocracy we suffer under. Dave believes in compost, chickens and rebellious music. He enjoys the love of his wife, flying kites, standing in rivers, napping under trees, playing with his daughters, pushing pixels with his Macs, and throwing frisbees for his dogs.