I May End Up At The Poop Deck


I recently made a trip to Galveston. I love some Texas Coast, and I had never visited the most notorious of Texas wharf towns.

Each summer my daughter and I try to have some sort of water holiday before AISD takes over our lives and, if we were Libertarians, our Freedom. Since things have been kind of rough this summer in that  I have been  broke more often than not, we had a one night’s stay in Galveston, for which I begged for state rate.

But that one night at the Hotel Galvez provided a magical 28 hours…
There was the saltwater pool of my daughter’s dreams.  Ample time spent in the ocean (technically bay??) waves.  An expectation to eat fried fish twice a day.  And then….

The Poop Deck

The Poop Deck, a second story bar looking overlooking the seawall, was the setting for my Vacation Epiphany Moment.   You know how sometimes, when you get out of town and you are actually really relaxed, you have a realization that brings a sense of tranquility and optimism to your overall outlook?

My realization was that I could end up at the Poop Deck…

And it would be sort of bitching.

I could sling domestics and breathe in salty gulf air. I could look out at the ocean any time. I could wear outfits that were really pushing it for my age. I could drink on the job.

My Poop Deck epiphany has offered me a strange solace. I tend to worry about  never finding a life partner or not having another child. I’m pretty clear that Social Security will be gone when I’m old, and, even with compound interest, my retirement savings will most likely be a pittance.

But sitting on the balcony of the Poop Deck, drinking a Lone Star and staring at the sea, gave me the enchanting option of ending up in a gritty, pretty place, with plenty of canned beer and Texan coastal culture.

And it would be sort of bitching.

Author: KDG

Lady KDG likes Lone Star, backbending, prayer candles, Southern Gothic, leafy greens, the water,  superstition, Rachel Maddow, and immigrants.

7 thoughts on “I May End Up At The Poop Deck”

  1. My retirement post -margie's bait shop was wiped out in the hurricane. Hadn't thought about the poop deck. Good one.

  2. Galveston, an island city is known for moody gardens where sharks, monkeys and other animals are found. West Galveston is fishing spots. I had never visited such a nice place. I wish to spend my next vacations there for sure.
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