I Remember

I Remember

As we sit upon the verge of midterm elections, it is important to look backward to understand the future. History is quite clear on the impact of Republican leadership. I remember the destruction they have wrought on our country.

Please Vote!

Author: Dave Grossman

Dave Grossman is an ardent environmentalist, serial entrepreneur, a dedicated activist and a stay-at-home dad. Dave gets his electricity from the wind, his hope from his friends, his inspiration from the rivers of the West and his fire from the corrupt actions of the corpratocracy we suffer under. Dave believes in compost, chickens and rebellious music. He enjoys the love of his wife, flying kites, standing in rivers, napping under trees, playing with his daughters, pushing pixels with his Macs, and throwing frisbees for his dogs.

2 thoughts on “I Remember”

  1. Dang! That was good. Wish the DNC had run it.
    Is there still a DNC? Didn't hear much from them.
    Wish more people had remembered.

  2. Darn National Committee? Dumb Navel Collector? Damn Nerd Collective? Yeah. Once again the Demoncrats allowed the Republi-cons to dominate and control the conversation.

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