The Odd Couple

How bad are the Oscars? How about this bad: even when they do something absolutely righteous, they can still turn your stomach. It’s been known for a week or two that the Academy wants to give Jean-Luc Godard one of those honorary Oscar doohickeys, and when the decision was announced it actually hit a soft spot in me, for if there’s one sure bet in this world, it’s that Godard’s feelings about the tinseled, self-congratulatory, power-stroking side of Hollywood are no pose or put-on, but represent a case of unalloyed Pure-D Real McCoy disgust. Surely the Academy’s decision-makers understood this, too, just as they must also understand that there’s actually a negative percent chance that the 80-year old director would fly all the way to California just to thank a bunch of dozing, half-drunk millionaires.

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Author: Tom Block

Tom Block hails from Texas but is a longtime resident of San Francisco. His film criticism has appeared in and The High Hat. He recently wrote the short film The Hemingway Night, which was invited to the Palm Springs International Film Festival, and he's currently engaged in various writing projects. A lifelong film and history buff, he's interested in the way that documentary techniques enliven narrative fiction films. A big fan of single-malt scotches, Jean Renoir and Deadwood, he fervently believes that anyone who has a problem with secular humanism needs to work things out with a goddam psychiatrist. More than you'll ever want to know about him can be found at Tom Blog.