Gov. Perry: Why Do You Want to Take Away Our Health Care?


secedeHealth insurance companies can’t deny you care based on pre-existing conditions. Millions of children once denied quality health care can now receive it. Coverage and benefits can’t be turned down by insurance industry death panels (yes, that’s where the real “death panels” are). And you can’t be tossed off your insurance plan when you get sick, a twisted insurance industry practice that means you sent them money for nothing.

Let me mention what is maybe the greatest moral victory of health care reform:  we, as a nation, have now agreed to take care of our children, innocents who through no fault of their own have been denied health care so the insurance industry can make its bloody billions.

Gov. Rick Perry wants to take this away from Texans. It’s easy to see why. He’s a whore for the insurance industry. Should I use a nicer term? Okay. He’s an escort service for the insurance industry. Many Republicans around the country are backing off their criticisms of health care reform. But Perry, who has built his campaign around the racist language of secession and states rights, wants his re-election to be about the African-American in the White House. He’s hoping the racists in Texas outnumber the God-faring and the righteous, those who hate bigotry in all its guises. So, his target is not really our health care. It’s President Obama. But he’s willing to sacrifice our health to make that point. And service his masters in the insurance industry.

It doesn’t get any more cynical and morally bankrupt than that.

By the way, Perry’s op-ed piece on health care is full of lies, as the Texas Observer details for us. But once a child has died because you’ve denied her health care for political reasons, a few little lies are hardly gonna make a difference on the karmic balance sheet.

Author: Glenn W. Smith

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6 thoughts on “Gov. Perry: Why Do You Want to Take Away Our Health Care?”

  1. It would be great to hear Bill White respond to this partisan nonsense with an op-ed describing the ways health care reform will benefit Texas and how he will help implement it efficiently and cost effectively.

    Another good chance to let Texans decide what kind of leadership they want…

  2. Gov. Rick Perry’s State Department of Insurance up ’til now has had primary responsibility for making sure that Texans had access to affordable health insurance, and the state has abdicated that responsibility (a quarter of Texans are uninsured). That is why the feds had to step in.

    As the Austin American-Statesman noted:

    “Most states regulate what companies charge their residents for health insurance. But in Texas, the majority of life, accident and health insurance rate hikes are never filed with the Texas Department of Insurance, according to the Texas Sunset Commission. Except for Medicare supplemental insurance, no prior state approval is needed to increase health insurance premiums.”


    The State Department of Insurance will be up for Sunset review next year, and I hope that Democrats will hold the Republicans’ feet to the fire on their failure to regulate insurance companies’ rates.

  3. Seems like about five years ago I called the state insurance board hoping there was some mistake or something I could do about the sudden approx. 40% rate hike in my individual plan premiums.

    The lady informed me, no, insurance companies in Texas can raise rates up to 50% a year without notice or review by the board.

    That’s when I figured out that whatever that office was, it was *not* a consumer protection agency.

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