Judge: “Corruption Means A Lot Less Than It Did Before…”


monopoly-manIf you are wondering how the Supreme Court’s devastating decision in Citizens United will be interpreted by lower courts, wonder no more. It’s being read as the elimination of concerns about corruption in politics.

You read that correctly. In comments from the bench during arguments before the D.C. Circuit Court, the nine-member panel indicated that the Citizens United v. FEC opinion had radically subverted campaign finance restrictions.

It was abundantly clear that each of the nine judges was thoroughly familiar with every detail of the Citizens United decision. And one of the most important developments of the hearing was the degree to which the circuit judges were questioning the government’s ability to justify any restraints on independent groups based on a fear that they might corrupt politics.

Previous to the Citizens United ruling, campaign finance restrictions were authorized to reduce corruption or the appearance of corruption in politics. But the judges of the D.C. panel seemed to believe corruption was no longer a valid concern. The Supreme Court abolished all that. Justice Thomas B. Griffith told Federal Election Commission lawyers defending against an independent “527” group, SpeechNow.org:

You’re trying to avoid Citizens United.  This is a new world: corruption means a lot less than it did before….What is the whole point of circumvention if it is not related to corruption?

If corruption in no longer a valid legal reason for campaign finance regulation, there is no choice but to amend the U.S. Constitution. Under the Citizens United opinion, it appears that the purchase of government by corporations is now okay. Needless to say, the Framers wrote the Constitution in such a way as to prevent this very thing.

Author: Glenn W. Smith

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8 thoughts on “Judge: “Corruption Means A Lot Less Than It Did Before…””

  1. Ignorance is not a virtue. What the Judgement really says is , in as much as the Democracy of the United States has been corrupted by the installation of the Bildenberg group of bankers, as the operators of the US Federal reserve,that the Democracy that is beleived to be the United States of America is just that a belief The truth is that the US last president was JFK and he wrote Presedential order 11110. The death of JFK was the end of Democracy in the US ..

    The Judges recognize not following the rules is totally acceptable because truth and democracy is not just dead but the greatest lie ever propagated since 1776, when your founding fathers fought to seperate state from bank , and yet here you sit, slaves to the bank.

    Check it out , it is real , all citizens of the USA are slaves to a bank. They control you because they( the bank) control the printed money, bailout who they want and do not care who is elected because they are in control

    So why should a Judge care how someone gets elected, it realy doesn,t matter. That is what they said in their judgement.

    And in their judgement , the founding fathers dream of freedom is dead and gone.

  2. Good courts and people should make some noise against the corruption because in this way the people can make their countries peaceful and strong. It is great for all of us to avoid these bad sectors of the country and make our country safe and strong.

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